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Find your level

To find out what lesson level you should choose, please use the chart below.


SKIING DISCOVER Never skied before To balance, glide and stop and ride the Magic Carpet
BOARDING DISCOVER Never ridden before To balance, glide, heel side slipping, falling leaf and ride Magic Carpet
SKIING BEGINNER Ride the Magic Carpet and stop Turning, linking turns, speed control through turning
BOARDING BEGINNER Ride Magic Carpet, Heel side & falling leaf Toe side turning, linking turns, speed control through turning
SKIING BEGINNER PLUS Can link snowplough turns on green runs. Introduction to basic parallel turns and blue runs. I start to ski on blue runs (Summit, Shakey Knees, Family Run)
BOARDING BEGINNER PLUS Can do skidded turns, traverse and ride the chairlift. Introduction to basic terrain park features, jumps, rails. Improvement on overall control. Learn Fakie and learn to launch!
SKIING INTERMEDIATE Can almost make parallel turns, hockey stop and side slip on blue runs. Refine parallel turns, short radius, carving. Introduction into black runs and bumps. Ski the whole mountain.
BOARDING INTERMEDIATE Can link basic turns, do 3-point turns & skidded 360s. Refine turns & move to more difficult features within the terrain parks Incorporate freestyle elements.


1 Mt Buller White Koalas Ski School White Koalas Never skied before.
Snowboard Never snowboarded before.
2 Mt Buller White Koalas Ski School Mobile Koalas Can stop, turn a little and ride the Magic Carpet.
Snowboard Can do Falling Leaf on heelside and toeside, and ride the lift.
3 Mt Buller Green Possum Ski School Green Possums Can link snowplough turns on green runs.
Snowboard Can do C-turns and traverse.
4 Mt Buller Orange Echidna Ski School Orange Echidnas Can almost make parallel turns, hockey stop and side slip on blue runs.
Snowboard Can link basic turns, do 3-point turns & skidded 360s.
5Mt Buller Brown Cockies Ski School Brown Cockies Can ski parallel on all blue runs all the time.
Snowboard Can turn on blue runs, ride a little fakie, learn to ollie and start small airs.
6Mt Buller Blue Emu Ski School Blue Emus You are mastering Blue and dabbling in Black runs. You will ski some more challenging areas. Terrain Black runs and Blue moguls.
Snowboard Can ride all Blue terrain, and ride fakie on Green terrain. Can jump and know park etiquette.
7 Mt Buller Red Wombat Ski School Red Wombats Can ski parallel with a pole plant on blue and black runs, make short turns and ski small bumps.
Snowboard Can carve my turns and am comfortable on black runs, can also spin and grab. 



Mt Buller Black Kangaroo Ski School Black Kangaroos Can carve turns and ski the whole mountain in all conditions.
Snowboard Can ride pipe and race, do bumps and go off in the park.



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