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FAQ's Season Memberships

The 2015 Season Membership – FAQ’s

1. What is the 2015 Season Membership?
The 2015 Season Membership is an unlimited Mt Buller season pass, valid on all Mt Buller lifts every day of the 2015 season and for new memberships also includes the remaining 2014 Spring season. No blackouts. It also includes night skiing and discounts and privileges in resort. For full details on all 2015 Season Membership benefits, including reciprocal offers at international resorts. See point 16. 

2. What is The Early Bird Special?
The Early Bird Special is a limited offer sale period for the 2015 Season Membership running from September 1st – November 1st, 2014.
The Lazy Bird Special is a limited second tier sale period for the 2015 Season Membership running from November 1st, 2014 - May 1st, 2015.

3. How much does a 2015 Season Membership cost?
The Season Membership costs $1499 for adults and $799 for school kids and seniors.

4. When is the full payment due?
Full payment is due at time of purchasing the 2015 Season Membership

5. When do the 2015 Season Memberships go on sale? When does The Early Bird/ Lazy Bird price start (and end)?
The Early Bird Offer for new and existing season pass/season membership holders starts on September 1, 2014 - November 1, 2014
The Lazy Bird Offer begins on Nov 2 and finishes on May 1, 2015.

6. Where do I buy a 2015 Season Membership?
You can buy your 2015 Season Membership online at the Buller Ski Lifts eStore:

7. How do I buy a 2015 Season Membership on the eStore?
If you had a 2014 Season Membership login to your account on the eStore, select ‘Renew your pass', and load a 2015 Season Membership on your existing season pass B-TAG.

If you weren't a 2014 season pass holder but you have already created an account or profile in the eStore (e.g. you've registered a B-TAG for any other lift access product from 2012), you can buy a 2015 Season Membership (including a new B-TAG). You will be asked to upload an ID photo which will be printed on your B-TAG.

If you don't have an account/profile in the eStore, just follow the steps for new customers. You will need to create an account with a few personal details, load a photo ID and then select the 2015 Season Membership suitable for you.

9. Can I get assistance on using the eStore?
eStore assistance is available on 03 5777 7800 between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday or via email:

10. What payment methods are available?
You can pay for your 2015 Membership on the eStore using a valid credit card or "Snow Dough" which is stored value if you have this loaded on your current B-TAG. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. We are not able to accept Diners Cards. At the point of payment in the eStore you will be asked to provide credit card details or check the option to "Use stored value" to make your payment.

11. Is providing my credit card information online safe?
The Buller eStore is a secure retail website using Payment Express technologies to ensure your credit card data is kept safe using SSL protocol and encryption to guard against unauthorized access.

12. Can I use Snow Dough to purchase my 2015 Season Membership? Can I make a partial payment with Snow Dough and make up the balance with a credit card?
Yes, you can use Snow Dough (stored value on your B-TAG account) to make the payment in the eStore. You will be asked at the payment step in the eStore to nominate your preferred payment option. You can use a combination of Snow Dough and a credit card payment as long as you make the payment in one transaction.

13. If I buy a 2015 Season Membership and for some reason I can't or don't use it can I get a refund or credit?
Only if you have purchased the Season Membership Refund Protection Plan (SMRPP) which provides for full or partial refunds in certain circumstances, including an illness or injury that causes you to miss at least four weeks of the season. Click here to read more information about the terms & conditions of the Season Membership Refund Protection Plan. Otherwise, 2015 Season Memberships are non-refundable and Season Memberships (with or without SMRPP) cannot be transferred to another person or another season.

14. If I decide not to use my 2015 Season Membership this year can I transfer it to next year?
No. Once purchased memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person or any future season.

15. How will I know my 2015 Season Membership has been processed and activated?
When you complete the payment transaction in the eStore you will receive a receipt to confirm the transaction is processed and completed. Please keep this for your records and keep your 2014 Season Membership in a safe place ready for the coming ski season. 

16. What benefits do 2015 Season Membership holders receive with their 2015 pass?
As a 2015 Season Membership holder you can enjoy unlimited skiing and boarding for the entire 2015 winter season at Mt Buller and a range of other benefits and privileges including:

  • 10% discount* on Ski & Snowboard School Adult Classes, Buller Kids Class Lessons (7-18 yrs) and Private Lessons. Additional T&C’s Apply, see website for further details.
  • 10% discount* on retail purchases at all Buller Sports retail outlets including Buller Sports Mansfield, Freeride, Central, Chalet, Altitude and Buller Sports Ski School
  • 10% discount* when dining at the ABOM Café and Bar, Moosehead Bistro & Bar, Après Bar, Tirol Café, and the Black Cockatoo restaurant in the Mt Buller Chalet Hotel.
  • 2015 Mt Buller Season Membership holders are also entitled to discounts or other special lift ticket offers at partner international resorts including; Courchevel & Les Trois Vallees in France,  Madarao Mountain Resort in Japan, Genting Resort Secret Garden in China and Jackson Hole in the USA). For a full list of exclusive Mt Buller season member offers, refer to the Mt Buller website.
  • 2015 Season Memberships holders will also enjoy special offers and benefits throughout the winter season.

 *Discounts are applied to full retail prices only.  

17. What are the different categories and what ages are eligible?

ADULT: This pass is for people aged 15-64 year, with the exception of school children aged 15 or over who are enrolled full-time in a secondary school (they can buy a Student pass).
STUDENT: This pass is for all school students aged 5 years and over (up to and including Year 12 students). People aged 15 and over who are not enrolled full-time in secondary school are regarded as "Adults".
SENIOR: This pass is for seniors aged from 65-69 years.
OVER 70/UNDER 5: Children under 5 years of age and seniors 70 years and above are eligible for free lift access, subject to a $50 administration fee, and must carry a valid B-TAG. This free season pass does not entitle the holder to further discounts in resort.
Age limits for the 2015 Season Membership are determined by your age at 1 June 2015.

18. Is there a Tertiary Season Membership for uni students?
No. Tertiary Season Memberships are no longer available.

19. Is there a Senior Membership? What is the price and age limit?
Seniors aged 65 and over are eligible for a Buller Senior Season Membership which is priced at the Student rate and shares the same benefits. Over 70s are able to purchase a Buller Season Membership for just a $50 administration fee and the pass itself is free. Photo ID and proof of age is required.

20. Who is eligible for a Student Season Membership?
The Student Season Membership is for all children from 5 years through to 18 years of age and enrolled in primary or secondary school. Students may be asked to show ID and proof of student status to be eligible for the Student Membership. Any person aged over 15 years no longer in fulltime school requires an Adult Membership.

21. Can I get a 2015 Season Membership for my child who is 4 years old or younger?
Yes, children 4 years old or younger wishing to ski or board and use the lifts must have a B-TAG. The Under 5 Buller Season Membership is free with a $50 administration fee to issue the membership. You can select this membership in the eStore and assign it to your child. You may be asked to provide proof of age.

22. My child is currently 4 years old but will be 5 on the 1 June 2015, what membership do they need?
Age limits for season memberships are determined by the membership holder's age as at 1 June 2015. If your child is aged 5 as at 1 June, 2015 and you wish them to have a season membership they will need to have a Student Season membership. You can purchase it in advance during the Early Bird sales period to receive the discounted rate. If you wait until June to buy the membership you will pay the full retail price.

23. Can I purchase memberships for members of my family and allocate the names to the passes at a later date?
No. To buy Season Memberships for your family members you must create a profile for each person and allocate the membership to them at the time of purchase. It is a quick process to "Add a family member" with the "My Account" section of your profile in the eStore. Once you select the membership you require in the eStore you will be asked to allocate each membership to the relevant family member before you complete the check out.

24. I wish to buy memberships for my winter season staff. What memberships are available for Mt Buller businesses?
Buller Ski Lifts wishes to assist local businesses to deliver great visitor experiences by attracting and retaining great mountain staff. Buller Ski Lifts will extend the discounted Early Bird offer to bona fide fulltime mountain staff upon presentation of their 2015 Buller Crew accreditation.

25. Is there a local season pass for Mansfield and Mt Buller residents?
These passes are no longer available. The Early Bird 2015 Season Membership offers better value for all guests.

26. How do 2014 Season Memberships work in conjunction with Ski & Snowboard School lessons? Ski School tickets usually include the lift pass - is there a lesson only product we can purchase?
Your Season Membership is your unlimited access to the lift network at Mt Buller all winter. The Ski & Snowboard School has ‘lesson only' products available for all lessons including full and half-day kids' programs that you can buy separately. Seasonal programs conducted by the Ski & Snowboard School, Mt Buller Race Club, TBR and TSC have for many years been sold separately. Receive 10% discounts on Ski & Snowboard School group lessons and private lessons (conditions apply. Not valid for crèche, Bunyips programs or seasonal programs)

27. Is the 2015 Season Membership valid for all days of the season? Are there any blackout periods?
Your Season Membership is an unrestricted pass valid for every day of the 2015 ski season. It includes night skiing when this is available. There are no blackout periods.

28. Is my 2015 Season Membership valid for skiing/riding at any other resorts?
No. Your 2015 Season Membership provides unrestricted access to Victoria's largest lifting network of 22 lifts, all winter. It also offers access to special discounts and benefits at Mt Buller's international sister resorts in Courchevel (France), Genting Secret Garden (China), Jackson Hole (USA) and Madarao Mountain Resort (Japan).

29. How will you let me know about other offers and benefits linked to my 2015 Season Membership?
From time to time special offers may be extended to 2015 Season Members. You will hear about these offers via email, sms alerts, updates to the website and also the Mt Buller Facebook page. Download the Buller Holidays app to receive special offer notifications directly to your phone. Please ensure your contact details in the eStore are current and updated so you don't miss out on any of your 2015 Membership Pass benefits this winter.

30. What do I need to do to collect my 2015 Season Membership in resort?
You can nominate to have your Season Membership mailed to you or if you wish to collect it in resort you must bring a photo ID to pick it up. If you have not already uploaded a photo to your account profile you can have a photo taken at the Saleyards ticket area near Cattleman's Cafe when you collect your membership. If you have a 2014 Season Pass it will automatically be updated and there is no need to do anything.

31. I would like to change my photo on my 2015 Season Membership from last year. How do I do that?
You can update your photo anytime online in the eStore simply by clicking on "My Account" and editing your details. Ensure your updated photo is a clear passport style headshot with your face clearly shown, in a square format and within the file size and format guidelines. If you wish, our staff can take a photo of you in resort at the Saleyards ticket area during the season and update your profile for you.

32. Can I have someone else collect my 2015 Season Membership for me?
No. For security you must collect your own 2015 Season Membership in resort and present photo ID. Parents are able to collect memberships purchased on behalf of their children.

33. I already have a B-TAG from 2014. If I buy a 2015 Season Membership can it be loaded to my B-TAG?
If it was a season pass B-TAG (with your photo on the back), Yes. Otherwise, No. If you are upgrading to a 2015 Season Membership and only held a regular B-TAG in 2014 (i.e. a reloadable access pass) you will need to be issued with a whole new B-Tag. The 2015 Season Membership is different to a regular B-TAG and will have your photo ID printed directly onto the membership.

34. Can I take out insurance or "Season Membership Protection" in case I move, get injured or cannot use my pass?
Yes, you can purchase the Season Membership Refund Protection Plan to insure your membership. Click here to read the Season Membership Refund Protection Plan (BPRPP).

35. There seem to be multiple transactions on my credit card for my Season Membership, is this a mistake?
The eStore will generate a transaction for each 2015 Season Membership payment individually. If you have purchased memberships for other family members you will see each payment come through separately. Please keep your eStore receipt and contact the team on if wish to check your purchases or statement.


Account: When you buy a lift pass in the eStore, you create an account that links your personal information to the products you've purchased. Your account information is secure and you can change it at any time by logging into the eStore.

B-TAG: In 2012, Mt Buller replaced the old paper lift tickets with state-of the-art new B-TAGs. The B-TAGs look and feel like a credit card and use RFID technology to store your information and interact with our new lift access gates.
There are two kinds of B-TAGs: one for Season Memberships (the KeyCard Advance which includes a photo on the back) and another for other lift access products, e.g. 1 Day lift tickets (KeyCard Basic). The 2015 Season Membership (like all 2014 season pass products) can only be loaded on a KeyCard Advance B-TAG . If you had a 2014 season pass, you'll be able to renew it with a 2015 Season Membership on your existing B-TAG.

Children: Children are defined as persons under the age of 5 years old as at 1 June 2015. Children who turn 5 on or before that date will be defined as Students.

ID photo: This is the photo that will be stored in your account profile and printed on your Season Membership B-TAG. It should be a head and shoulders photo that clearly depicts you or the person the pass is intended for. The photo must be in a square format and no larger than 1MB. The person's face must not be obstructed by clothing or hair (prescription glasses are okay). The person's head and shoulders must take up two thirds of the photo to help ticketing staff identify membership holders.

Profile: Your profile is the personal information linked to your eStore account. The details include your first, middle and last name, gender, date of birth, photograph, email address and phone number. All of this information is required so you can be securely identified if you lose your B-TAG or forget your account password.

Reload: One of the many advantages of the new B-TAG system is that once you have one, you can buy new products online that are instantly loaded onto it. Reloading is purchasing a new product that will be assigned to your existing B-TAG for use as soon as you get to the mountain.

Renew: At the end of season 2014 all existing passes expired. In order to ride the ski lifts and take advantage of other 2015 Season Membership benefits in season 2015, you need to ‘renew' your season pass. All the information in your account profile will remain the same as in 2014, and you keep the same B-TAG, but your entitlements including lift access will be reactivated for 2015. Only 2014 season pass holders can ‘renew' their membership. Others will need to buy a new 2015 Season Membership which will be loaded onto a new B-TAG.

RFID information: RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Our new B-TAGs have RFID microchips and aerials built into them so our access control gates, ticket scanners and point of sale terminals can wirelessly access your information. This allows us to check you have a valid lift pass, snow dough or discounts available, instantly. Not only is this information secure, it also allows you to reload and renew products or update your information online.

RFID number: This is a unique number that is found in the top right hand corner of every B-TAG. It is used to link your account to your B-TAG so when products are purchased or renewed they will be assigned to your B-TAG. This number is also used to locate your customer profile in the eStore if you have not yet created an account.

Seniors: Seniors are defined as persons aged between 65 and 69 years inclusive. People who are aged over 70 years and over are entitled to a Season Membership for an administration fee of $50 and as such are not required to purchase a regular lift pass.

Snow Dough: Snow Dough is stored value that can be loaded onto your B-TAG for use in many Mt Buller outlets and venues, including the Altitude, Freeride and Buller Sports stores, Black Cockatoo Restaurant, Après Bar, Tirol Café, Spurs Restaurant, Ski School and ABOM. You can purchase Snow Dough in the eStore, it's automatically loaded onto your B-TAG and your B-TAG then works like a debit card.

Students: Students are defined as persons currently attending a primary or secondary school, aged between 5 and 17 inclusive. This does not include tertiary students who are classified as adults when purchasing a 2015 Season Membership.

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